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Class of '74

Little Tigers

Proud Grandparents
Members of the Class of '74 are finding themselves entering a new chapter their lives . . . welcoming the next generation.

Grandpa Dean Patterson says:
Hey gang, check out this little tiger!

Trudie and I were in Seattle welcoming our first grandson into the world on Wednesday, February 28 . . . he really shook up the city.  Jack Robert Patterson weighed 9 lb. and 3 oz. and is 22 inches long.  His daddy has to return to Japan in five days for his last five months of duty, and then they'll be stationed God knows where. Everyone is doing great, and no bricks fell on our heads, but it was one helluva day!

Grandpa David Woodard shouts:

MY FIRST GRANDSON, Rex Justin Woodard, was born March 2, 2001, at 9:05 a.m., Good Samaritan Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona. Rex weighed in at 9 lb. 6.8 oz. and is 21 inches long.  Justin, Lori, Cameron (five-year-old granddaughter), and "the big guy" Rex will be home together today (March 3) at their residence in Phoenix.

February 2004
Gloria (Brouhard) Keesee says:


I am a grandma. Thomas Paul weighs 9 lbs. 3 oz. and is 20 in. long. He is very cute and has lots of dark hair.

Grandma Gloria

July 2004
Gayle (Norman) Hinshaw shares:

I became a Grandma on November 3, 2002. This is Alyvia Hayden Embree daughter of my oldest daughter Jessica and her husband Doug. Alyvia is my pride and joy and looks alot like her Nana, don't you think? Jessica just found out she is expecting again in January!

July 2004
Kay (Penn) Vail

My daughter Kryssi has two beautiful girls: Sierra, 7, and Kayli, 5. They are the light of my life. The girls and I took a trip to the Dominican Republic to visit their dad and his family last year. It is a beautiful country that we got to appreciate even more because we were locals.

The picture above is of the girls and I in Boca Chica. Kryssi and her ex-husband Rogelio are on the left. Sierra and I are on the right. Kayli is sitting in Abeula Milagro's lap looking down. The rest are nieces, nephews and friends. The beach is so white it is almost blinding.

March 2009
Debbie (Camp) Fisher

     This is a photo of our grandsons: Preston, age 2 (right), and Braydon, age 4 (left), with our daughter-in-law Melissa. She is a brave soul and wonderful mother. Melissa brought the boys home for the holidays all the way from Misawa, Japan, while our son Michael was in Iraq. They are very active little guys, but it just melts my heart to hear them say “Grandma.”
     After serving five months on his second tour flying F16s, we are glad to say Mike is back in Japan with his lovely family. Thank goodness we are able to keep in touch with them via WebCam.
     All four of our children are married now so there is hope for more grandchildren.

July 2009
Randy and Vickie (Ward) Hagedorn

    A lot has happened since we visited with some of you five years ago. Our youngest daughter Erin married an United States Marine (Bobby) and together they gave us the greatest gift of a beautiful granddaughter. She is 19 months and just the love of our life (we are now known as Nana and Papa)! In fact we will be visiting Erin and Lacey at the end of August in North Carolina where our son-in-law is currently stationed. He will be off in Yuma, AZ doing maneuvers.

(See Memory Pages for complete update.)

November 2011
Andy Beseda

    Little Jaxon Bradley Schuldt doesn't look overly excited about his first hunting trip, but he is certainly decked out for the season.
    Andy and his wife, Debbie, have been thoroughly enjoying this first year as Grandpa and Grandma to their daughter Becca's first child.

(See Memory Pages for more information about Jax.)

December 2011
Gail (Egbert) Miller

    In July 2009, Gail wrote: This is my granddaughter, Genesis! She was born May 12, 2008 to my second son, Jonathan and his beautiful wife, Mollie. I love, love, love being a grandma!
    In December 2011, Gail provided an updated photo of Genesis and added little brother Coba Miller to the gallery as well. Thanks, Gail!

(See Memory Pages to see what's happening with Gail..)


May 2014
Vickie and Randy Hagedorn

    Since Vickie and Randy will not be able to join us in 2014, they wanted to share a photo of the newest treasure they have added to their family since the last reunion. Adelyn, age 2 1/2, is seated in front of Vickie and lives in Arizona. Lacey, 6 1/2, is seated in front of Randy and lives in Oregon.
    Thanks, Vickie! We're going to miss you guys!

(See Memory Pages to see what Randy and Vickie are up to.)


Do you have proud-grandparent photos to share of your new little tiger?  E-mail them to Candi Ehrich at

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