Battle Ground High School
Class of '74

25-Year Reunion

Follow-up Comments

Frank Wills — I was unable to attend all the events. I did spend the night at Embassy Suites and attended the dinner.  It was very nice, and I really liked seeing Bill Wiggins there. This web site, I think, was the best part of this year's reunion. Without it I would still be missing!  Thank you, Committee, for the hard work you did.

Randy McNeal — Best part:  Lots of people and an atmosphere where it was easy to talk and mix with others.  Mr. Wiggins’ appearance at the dinner was nice.  Let’s do that again!  Let’s invite all our former teachers who might still be in the area to one of the events.

Vivian (Sutton) Witt— Best part:  Friday night and Mike G.'s name tag.  It was great seeing those that came.  Surprised to see Loren Williams . . . what a change 9 martinis make!

Kay (Penn) Vail — Best part:  Seeing old friends.  Candi, Danna, Gloria and Dawn looked just the same.  It was fun talking about old times and laughing. Jeff Weber reminded me that we were good friends and of a Halloween escapade Cindy (Casteel) Zitt, Jeff and I went on.  I hope the kids I work with never know the things I did.  Did we ever get to hear BTO before getting to Prairie?

Heidi (Nelson) Zaback — Best part:  The Web site because I wasn't at the reunion. In fact I didn't graduate from BG, but went to school earlier with many '74 grads. They suggested I sign in here. Hope that's OK.  I have grade school pictures of many of the '74 grads; if you'd like to have them, I will send them e-mail.  Tee Hee!!!!  —   (Glad you joined us, Heidi.  Welcome back!)  —   (Heidi has since e-mailed three Hockinson Elementary School class photos to us, complete with names.  Gosh, you guys were cute!  They'll be added to the PowerPoint photo album.)

Vickie (Pierce) Gaines — Best part:  All of it, except I had to miss the picnic because I had another place to be, and I was disappointed about that.  Everyone looks sooo good!  It's nice to know I'm not the only crazy person to have a baby at age ?.  Well, we won't get into that!  I didn't get the chance to talk to everyone I wanted to, which I am sorry about, but I'll catch them in 2000.  I am glad we are planning to get together again sooner than 2004.  I wish everyone the best 'til we get together again!

Mike Gammelgard — Great reunion.  My picture being a big hit is a little embarrassing; I had consumed a few adult beverages.  I hear we are going to meet once a year from now on.  Great idea.  It's a lot of fun seeing everyone.


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